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Anyone know of a good place to get a logo designed for a website?

β€ͺWho would win in a fight. A T. rex or a Sasquatch.‬

I am a ceramic dinosaur. It’s on a post-it note so it must be true.

I added a new design with a slight modification to the LGBTQ design and I'm convinced that print-on-demand t-shirt sites exist solely to sap money from people that constantly make tweaks to their t-shirts and reorder I think 15 t-shirts is more than enough for me thankyouverymuch

There are people you haven't met yet who will love you.

dorky ass i like my job sometimes shit please ignore Show more

Too bad I don’t live in Australia then it’d be *Wednesday* talk about a quick week.

I keep thinking today is Monday and then I am pleasantly surprised when I learn that today is actually *Tuesday*.

I'm receiving a happy little gift over and over again.

It's spoopy season. πŸŽƒ

It's soup season. 🍲

It's spoopy soupy season. πŸŽƒ 🍲

New dino in progress. This one will see the world on a diversity and inclusion conference tour.

My friend Andy is organizing an LGBTQ meetup in the Seattle area in early November, during the PASS summit. I encourage you to check it out.

And whether or not you can attend, he is also fundraising for the Trevor Project, which I will be donating to.

Details are on his blog:

Do you think SpaceX engineers struggle with video conferencing?

β€œWe’ll get our meeting about Merlin engines started shortly. First we have to dial in to the meeting. SOMEBODY PLEASE IM IF YOU CAN HEAR ME. CAN ANYONE HEAR ME. JUST IM ME PLEASE.”

SpaceX is shooting stuff into outer space and I’m still struggling to get video conferencing working.

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