I feel like I'm in a romantic comedy unknowingly falling in love with someone.

Except the someone is a something and it's the fediverse and decentralization.

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@ThreddyTheTrex yeah it is great. Ive been around since the beginning of Mastodon and it's great to see it grow so much πŸ€—

@grufwub I'm actually really excited about it. I hope it takes off. I'll try my best to make that happen.

@ThreddyTheTrex yeah me too when possible. I've already convinced a bunch of my IRL friends into using it :p

Also my instance fucked up and I had to reset it the other day so we lost all follows, you'll need to refollow me if you haven't already ;P

@grufwub the UI shows that I'm following you, hopefully that's up to date!

@ThreddyTheTrex oh right probably my server caching things weirdly or me not totally understanding the tech behind instance federation πŸ€”

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