On my Redbubble site I mostly sell t-shirts but I do make three of the designs available as stickers. In particular, I turned on the sticker option for the lgbtq design tonight. I ordered one of each.

The raccoon was an afterthought and I didn't even realize that the sticker option was available for that design until someone sent me a photo of their laptop with the sticker. I burst out laughing.

@ThreddyTheTrex love the lgbt one :)

Now to magic some money out of somewhere...

@measlytwerp thanks! If you want to DM an address I can send you a few freebies.

@ThreddyTheTrex ohhh you did the shirt too! Excellent, it looks great!

I'll have some money next week, and I'll get the LGBT Threddy and the Raccoon.

I don't suppose you could draw a weasel shirt like the Raccon one? I'd get that instead, no pressure though.

@measlytwerp I'm afraid I'm not very confident in my weasel art. :) lol. Though it looks like you have drawn some original art of a weasel? It's pretty straightforward to upload designs to Redbubble and put it on a t-shirt.

@ThreddyTheTrex not my drawing unfortunately, I paid someone to draw it a few years ago.

Last time I draw something would've been way back in 1998 when I was making dumber versions of Garfield comic strips for fun.

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