Hi all! I humbly request that you follow me at my brand new instance:

(ThreddyTheTrex at threddy dot social)

I created this instance last night. I started with a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet and installed using the Mastodon documentation.

This will be my main account. The others will redirect to here. So please follow me here if you want to see my latest toots. I *think* this will be my last instance migration for now. πŸ˜€

Thank you!

The install went very smoothly. Over time I'll probably toot more about it but at a high level it took only a few hours to get everything setup. Digital Ocean is working great so far, and the Mastodon installation documentation is clear and easy to follow.

@ThreddyTheTrex @ThreddyTheTrex a reminder to folks that I spend most of my Mastodon time over at my new instance, @ThreddyTheTrex.

(I received some follow requests here on mastoart, presumably due to folks moving instances.)

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