There are no unit tests either I would never get sign-off on the code review.

This will not work on 12/26. I failed my whiteboard interview.

杰obody is around to update the whiteboard doodles. PowerShell to the rescue.

杷 just walked past three levels of management wearing an elf hoodie and yellow converse I am on the road to success.

The secret to Chrome's speed is that it holds the entire internet in memory. None of those pesky network calls to slow things down.

杷 like my career but Im just phoning it in until I can be a mall Santa.

Me: "I want an official Mastodon instance with 128 GB of memory and 10 TB of hard disk."

Santa: "You'll toot your eye out, kid."

Dangit I thought of a really funny toot while having coffee but I didn't write it down and now I don't have the foggiest idea what it was about.

Tree Rex and Dundee are not-so-patiently waiting for me to open the bottle of homemade cocoa powder. 不

I tend to avoid scheduling face-to-face meetups with people (coffee/etc) but I always enjoy them and afterwards I'm glad I had them.

Btw toddler spilled an entire bowl of salsa on the floor while this was happening so I received my instant karma.

This is a very "use dark mode in all of the apps" kind of a morning.

A local gym sent an email advertisement with the subject line lets build a swoleman and I want to close all of my email accounts now.

Apologies are not apologies if they contain any other words besides Im sorry.

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