who is Threddy and where did he come from

I love being a software engineer. I currently work at Microsoft, where I get to build software for millions of people. I love everything about it - the scope of impact, the people, the technologies, the products. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved problem solving, and software engineering allows me to do that.

I haven’t always loved my job though. A career is a marathon - some years are great, others are just good, and a few may even be bad. And in 2016 I was having one of the “bad” years. I was struggling to find inspiration in my day-to-day tasks, and I wasn’t having fun anymore. I concluded that I had fallen into a mid-career slump.

I sought a solution to this problem. There were many options on the table, some minor (like learning new technologies) and others more drastic (like changing careers). After weighing the pros and cons of each, the solution I came up with was “I need to connect with more people in industry.”

This led me to Twitter. I joined Twitter and started connecting with folks, both at Microsoft and in the industry. I was quickly welcomed into an amazing community called Threadzilla. They were having fun, but also helping and supporting each other. I hadn’t figured out my career problems yet but that didn’t seem to matter much; I was just grateful to have found this community.

Then it happened. On August 17th, 2017 I visited a ceramic studio with my family and painted a dinosaur. As a joke, I posted a photo of the dinosaur and said he could be a mascot for Threadzilla. The next day I took it a step further and decided to create a Twitter account for the dinosaur.

And one thing I am certain of - if a ceramic dinosaur is going to have a Twitter account, he needs a name.

I named him Threddy.